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Our Vancouver Meat Market

Serving best chicken and fish since 1980


For Vancouver Meat Market (VMM), this passion was started in 1980’s, when our shop was opened at the Fraser st Vancouver. VMM became a beloved and customer’s first choice in Vancouver since then, because of the premium quality products and exemplary services provided by our team. Today, VMM offers variety of marinated meats and that made us the best in the market. The customer reviews tell us at their own how much they love us, and once a person has tasted our Tandoori special, he comes back again and again asking for the same. We are currently serving from our one and only branch at Vancouver, BC but we are looking for the expansion real soon.

A Few Words About Us

Serving Best Products

We started back in 1980’s at 6695 Fraser St Vancouver, BC. Since then we are providing the best in the market products to our deemed customers. We started only with the chicken and related products, but with the passage of time we also started dealing in fish and prawns. And right now we have a variety of items from which you may select for your food.

Our Food Policy

For us the quality of food is the utmost thing. That is why our policy also revolves around it round the clock and we do not compromise on even the smallest things in our business. The feedback when customers send us, it motivates our team and makes them wear a natural smile all day in anticipation.

Our Values & Mision

  • Provide affordable and quality food.
  • Provide employment in the community.
  • Achieve a high customer satisfaction.
  • To become the first choice of every single food lover in Vancouver.